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Multimedia Patient Education

Click on the desired multimedia patient education videos to learn more on various orthopaedic conditions and surgical management.

Streaming Videos:

How to protect your aging joints

When should I see a doctor for a knee injury?

How to keep your joints health and active as you age

When does a meniscus tear NOT need surgery?

What is the difference between partial knee replacement and a total knee replacement?

Will I need a blood transfusion after a hip or knee replacement?

Resuming activities after knee replacements and total knee replacement

What is the average age of a patient undergoing hip or knee replacement?

When can I drive after a hip or knee replacement?

How long do people stay in the hospital after a hip replacement or knee replacement?

What type of anesthesia is used for hip and knee replacements?

How long do hip replacements and knee replacements last?

Will my hip or knee replacement set off a metal detector?


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