Intense training without proper recovery may compromise bone health in elite rowers

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Bone mineral density, an indicator of bone strength, typically increases with regular exercise, acting as a protective mechanism against bone fractures and osteoporosis. But a new study suggests that the extended, high-intensity training sessions of elite athletes could reverse beneficial bone changes. » Read more Source: ScienceDaily

What is the recovery like after a knee replacement?

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Today we will answer another one of the most common questions I am asked from people considering knee replacement surgery. “How long is the recovery?” Although this is one of the most common questions we are asked, it is also one of the hardest to answer. At Hudson Valley Bone and Joint Surgeons we have […]

What is a hip replacement made of?

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What are the parts of a hip replacement? Despite close to 1 million hip replacements being performed in the United States every year, very few patients know the parts and materials that compose a hip replacement. The hip is a ball and socket joint, and the goal of any hip replacement is to recreate the […]

What is the difference between a partial and total knee replacement: Which one is right for me?

Category: Healthcare News

One of the most common questions that I get asked is “What is the difference between a partial and a total knee replacement, and am I a candidate for one or the other?” There is a second question that you must ask with this question which most patients don’t know to ask, and that is […]

Lifelong physical activity increases bone density in men

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Men have many reasons to add high-impact and resistance training to their exercise regimens; these reasons include building muscle and shedding fat. Now a researcher has determined another significant benefit to these activities: building bone mass. The study found that individuals who continuously participated in high-impact activities, such as jogging and tennis, during adolescence and […]

Hip dysplasia: When is surgery required?

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What causes hip dysplasia in adults, and can it be treated without a total hip replacement? » Read more Source: Medical Xpress

Newer UKR prosthesis for patients with osteoarthritis achieved satisfactory results

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Patients who received a newer prosthesis similar to the Miller-Galante knee design showed significantly better Knee Society function scores than patients who had a long-used prosthesis to which it was compared. However, the two implants performed about the same at short-term follow-up, according to a presenter. » Read more Source: Healio

Improvements in ACL surgery may help prevent knee osteoarthritis

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Injury to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in the knee frequently leads to early-onset osteoarthritis, a painful condition that can occur even if the patient has undergone ACL reconstruction to prevent its onset. A new review looks at the ability of two different reconstruction techniques to restore normal knee motion and potentially slow degenerative changes […]

Hip fractures may have both short and long-term effects on survival in elderly individuals

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A new analysis of numerous studies indicates that men and women aged 60 years and older who have experienced a hip fracture are at increased risk of dying not only in the short term after the fracture, but also a number of years later. » Read more Source: Science Daily

Women had significantly greater utilization of knee OA-related health care before TKA vs men

Category: Healthcare News

In the 12 months preceding total knee arthroplasty, women experienced significantly greater utilization of knee osteoarthritis-related health care than men, according to results. » Read more Source: Healio


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