Why kids should play more than one sport

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About 70% drop out by age 13 for such reasons as pressure to perform or, conversely, not getting enough playing time. And at least half of athletic injuries are related to overuse. On the other hand, playing multiple sports offers benefits such as fostering a love of different activities that can last their entire lives. […]

One Short, Brisk Walk a Day May Keep Arthritis at Bay

Category: Healthcare News

Less than 10 minutes a day of brisk walking can help prevent disability in people with arthritis pain in their knee, hip, ankle or foot, researchers report. » Read more Source: Health Day

Types of Knee Braces for Support and Injury Prevention

Category: Healthcare News

The use of knee braces in sports medicine is a controversial topic. Knee braces are used for a wide variety of problems and conditions. But do knee braces help? » Read more Source: Verywell Health

Hip Fracture Dangers and Mortality Rates

Category: Healthcare News

A broken bone may not sound serious, but if you are an older man or woman, a hip fracture can be the start of many severe health problems. How dangerous is a broken hip in an older person, and what is the mortality rate after a hip fracture?. » Read more Source: Verywell Health

Expert tips for reducing running injuries

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Most runners are enthusiastic about their sport and take steps to work out safely. But injuries like stress fractures and muscle strains, among others, are common and can sideline you, sometimes for weeks if not months. » Read more Source: Medical Xpress

Groin and hips of hockey players examined in five-second test

Category: Healthcare News

ive seconds is enough to assess the status of a hockey player’s groin. For the first time, a simple field test, called the five-second squeeze test, has been used on icehockey players to see if it can indicate current hip/groin function and hip muscle strength. According to the new study, there is a clear correlation […]

What makes joints pop and crack and is it a sign of disease?

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Joints emit a variety of noises, including popping, snapping, catching, clicking, grinding, grating and clunking. The technical term for these noises is “crepitus”, from the Latin “to rattle”. People of all ages can experience crepitus, although it becomes more common with old age. So what causes crepitus? » Read more Source: Medical Xpress

Pooch Peril: More Elderly Are Fracturing Bones While Dog Walking

Category: Healthcare News

Walking the dog can be great exercise for seniors, but there could be one downside: bone fractures. Fractures suffered by elderly Americans while walking their dogs have more than doubled in recent years, new research shows. » Read more Source: Healthday

Get in shape for tennis and other racquet sports

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Playing singles tennis is a great way to have fun and exercise, and if you have access to an indoor court, it can be a year-round workout option that builds camaraderie along with muscle tone. » Read more Source: MedicineNet

Taking the Worry Out of Hip Surgery

Category: Healthcare News

Getting a hip replacement may not be on your bucket list—but if yours includes ambitious vacations or other active lifestyle goals, it may help you achieve them. Hip surgery is becoming more common as people are living longer and staying active. » Read more Source: Yale Medicine


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