Imaging identifies cartilage regeneration in long-distance runners

Category: Healthcare News

Using a mobile MRI truck, researchers followed runners for 4,500 kilometers through Europe to study the physical limits and adaptation of athletes over a 64-day period, according to new research. » Read more Source: Science Daily

Risk of surgical complications up for overlapping hip surgery

Category: Healthcare News

For patients undergoing surgery for hip fracture or total hip arthroplasty (THA), overlapping surgery is associated with increased risk of surgical complications, according to a study published online Dec. 4 in JAMA Internal Medicine. » Read more Source: Medical Xpress

Take intraoperative steps to reduce joint infection risk

Category: Healthcare News

With an increasing number of total knee arthroplasty and total hip arthroplasty procedures being performed in the United States, the rate of failure has also increased. » Read more Source: Healio

Over-the-counter painkillers treated painful injuries just as well as opioids in new study

Category: Healthcare News

In a new study of patients who showed up to an emergency department with acute pain in their shoulders, arms, hips or legs, researchers found that a cocktail of two non-addictive, over-the-counter drugs relieved pain just as well as — and maybe just a little better than — a trio of opioid pain medications widely prescribed under […]

Morbidly obese, nonobese patients experienced similar outcomes after revision THA

Category: Healthcare News

Morbidly obese patients who underwent aseptic revision total hip arthroplasty experienced similar complications, failures and clinical outcomes compared with nonobese patients, according to study results. » Read more Source: Healio

Research finds decrease in opioid use among patients recovering from hip and knee replacement

Category: Healthcare News

Opioid use in patients recovering from hip and knee replacement decreased by one-third between 2006 and 2014, reflecting success in efforts to promote a multimodal approach to pain management (using a variety of methods to manage pain) rather than using opioids alone, reveals new research being presented at the ANESTHESIOLOGY® 2017 annual meeting. » Read […]

Obesity to Blame for Epidemic of Knee Problems

Category: Healthcare News

Need another reason to keep your weight under control? Excess weight can cause dislocation of your knee and may even lead to a complication that results in amputation of your leg. A new study attributes a surge in dislocated knees to the U.S. obesity epidemic. » Read more Source: WebMD

Rule out infection, adverse local tissue reaction during investigation of THA instability

Category: Healthcare News

When a hip becomes unstable after total hip arthroplasty, the orthopedic surgeon should investigate it with a history and physical, appropriate imaging and laboratory tests prior to any surgery to remove the hip anteversion or revise the prosthesis, according to a presenter. » Read more Source: Healio

What is a hairline fracture?

Category: Healthcare News

Hairline or stress fractures are tiny cracks on a bone that often develop in the foot or lower leg. It is common for hairline fractures to occur as a result of sports that involve repetitive jumping or running. » Read more Source: Medical News Today

Will My New Hip or Knee Last Forever?

Category: Healthcare News

Maybe. I have patients in my office every weeks or so that had their hip or knee replaced 10-15 years ago and their doctor told them that they would have to have it redone in 10-15 years. I ask these patients “Does your hip or knee hurt?” and the answer is usually “No”. I take […]


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